Fire Prevention

The mission of the Fire Prevention Division is to provide the community with a fire-safe environment through Code Enforcement and Inspections, Hazardous Materials Disclosure, Fire Investigations, Public Education, and Weed Abatement. The Public Information officer (PIO) is the department’s spokesperson for the media, both on and off the fire scene. The PIO also acts as liaison between the Department and the media.

Code Enforcement is responsible for building inspections to ensure compliance with local, state, and national safety codes. All commercial, industrial, and public buildings are subject to fire inspections as well as multi-family occupancies such as hotels, motels, apartments, and care facilities. The Uniform Fire Code is updated biennially to maintain the highest fire and life safety standards. Fire permit fees, generated from the inspection program, provide a source of revenue for the City.

Hazardous Materials Disclosure monitors Business Emergency Response Plan requirements including disclosure and inspection of underground tanks during installation and removal.

Fire Investigations are conducted by a staff of five investigators who are trained in determining the origin and cause of fires. In cooperation with the Elmwood Park Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office, arson cases are diligently investigated and prosecuted. Fire Investigations is also responsible for investigating the cause and source of hazardous materials incidents.

Public Education is an integral part of Fire Prevention. Through a variety of programs such as fire extinguisher demonstrations, high rise evacuation drills, school presentations, home safety talks, and special events, the department aims to reduce life and property loss in our community. Fire Awareness Month in October is the focal point of public education programs not only in Illinois, but throughout the nation.

Weed Abatement Program oversees the abatement of weeds on vacant and undeveloped lots, thereby reducing the potential for grass fires and dumping of hazardous materials.