Our program includes a crew assigned to the daily upkeep of the streets and alleys of the town. They provide preventative maintenance which includes hot patch applications to the street surface from April 1st – November 1st and cold patch applications from November 1st-April 1st to restore the roadways due to the deterioration from the inclement weather conditions throughout the year.

An engineering firm surveys the conditions of the streets on an annual basis and determines which streets should be resurfaced. Along with the resurfacing, new curbs are placed on the street sides.


The chipper truck is dispatched in order to pick-up any brush along the curbside prior to the street

sweepers arrival on their designated route. Street sweeping is performed Monday-Thursday on all north and south bound streets and on Fridays on all east and west bound streets throughout the week in an effort to remove debris and stains on the curbside. Please adhere to the no parking signs on the designated street cleaning days. Violators are issued parking citations.


Parking Restrictions During Snow Removal

After a 2” Snow Fall, parking is restricted based on address. No parking will be allowed on odd numbered addresses (East and South Sides) on odd numbered dates, and even numbered addresses (West and North Sides) on even numbered dates.

Parking is restricted from 8 AM to 5 PM. A $50 fine will be issued and any vehicle which blocks access to a street or impedes the reasonable and efficient removal of snow shall be towed at the owners expense.

The Village will notify residents of parking restrictions via its web-site, facebook posting, and an automated phone call.


All streets and public parking lots are striped on an annual basis. This program begins in June.