Solid Waste Program



Several changes have been made to the Village of Elmwood Park’s Solid Waste Management Program. Please review this page. You can print it to keep it handy along with a PDF that can be found here.

Please go to for more information.

Observed Holidays
New Year’s Day Labor Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving
Independence Day Christmas

If the holiday falls on a Saturday, pick up will stay the same.

If the holiday falls on a Sunday, Monday will be an off day.

If the holiday falls on a weekday, service will be delayed until the next day.

Garbage Toters

Larger 65 gallon garbage toters, are available through the Village Hall. If you would like more information regarding these garbage toters please call the Village Hall at 708-452-7300.

E-Waste Recycling Program

Elmwood Park residents can no longer throw away electronics (televisions,VCR’s,video game consoles) into their regular garbage.recyclebin1

The village has set up a drop off location for these kind of items and it is located at the Public Works Facility. The address is, 7330 W. Fullerton and the service is no charge to residents.


New Rates as of July 1, 2015:

How much am I charged for garbage?

SINGLE FAMILY – Each resident of a single family home is provided one 65-gallon wheeled refuse cart for a $21.00 monthly charge.

LARGE FAMILY OPTION – Each Family is provided a 95-gallon wheeled refuse cart. The monthly fee for the refuse cart will be $33.50.

2-FLAT – $36.00 monthly fee which includes a 95-gallon refuse cart.

3-FLAT – $50.00 monthly fee which includes two 95-gallon refuse cart.

4-FLAT – $68.50 monthly fee which includes one yard container.

5-FLAT – $75.50 monthly fee which includes a 1-1/2 yard container.

Please Note!!

Since each resident is provided a wheeled refuse cart by Groot, the resident is responsible for their cart. Place your address on the refuse cart. If lost or stolen, you are responsible for obtaining a replacement from the Village Public Works Department for a replacement fee of $75.00.

Any additional 32-gallon can or 33-gallon bag must have a solid waste sticker attached to it for collection. A solid waste sticker cost is $2.25 each.

How do I attach the sticker?
The sticker has adhesive on the back of it. It will adhere to a plastic bag or you can insert it through the handle of a garbage can. Remember, stickers are collected with your garbage so you need to use new ones each week.

How do I select the large family option?
If you are a single family household contact or visit the Village Hall to select this option. Two flat, three flat and larger buildings have no option.

The $2.25 solid waste stickers are available at the Village Hall and local retailers. (See list below.)

List of Stores:
You can purchase waste stickers at:

Dominick’s-River Forest; Dominick’s-River Grove; PK Pantry (Circle); Super Low Foods (Grand Ave.).

You can now purchase refuse stickers online by clicking here.


What items are recyclable?
Use the bin to store newspaper, chipboard, magazines, junk mail, glass, aluminum cans, plastic water and milk jugs. Place the bin next to your garbage containers. Remember to place your address on the bin.

How do I arrange recyclables for collection?
Place newspaper on the bottom of the bin so the newspaper will not blow away. Rinse bottles, jars, aluminum cans and plastic milk jugs and throw away any lids. That’s all there is to it.

Does recycling save me money?
Yes. Under this program you pay only for what you throw away. When you sort recyclables you have less refuse to throw away so you save money.

Can I save recyclables for a charity drive?
Yes. The Village’s aim is to divert recyclables from the landfill. There is no requirement to participate in the curbside collection program so you may donate recyclables as you choose.

Do I own the recycling bin?
No. The Village owns the recycling bin. If lost or stolen you are responsible for obtaining a replacement from the Village for a replacement fee.

What if my recyclables will no fit in one bin?
Try crushing aluminum cans and plastic water and milk jugs to save space.

Can someone remove recycling items from the recycling bins at the curb?
Once the bin has been placed at the curb or in the alley it is illegal for anyone other than the disposal service to collect the recyclables. Please call the Police Department if you see someone stealing recycling items.

Is there a charge for recyclables collection?
There is no separate charge for recyclables collection. It is included in your monthly rate.


Does the garbage contractor now pick up large bulk items?
Yes. The garbage contractor will pick up any large bulk item as long as it has a $2.00 solid waste sticker on it. Use one (1) sticker for each bulk item. Example: “1″ chair needs “1″ sticker; “1″ mattress needs “1″ sticker; “1″ large cardboard box needs “1″ sticker; etc. Old carpeting must be bundled and each bundle needs a “1″ sticker.

Will the bulk item be picked up on my regular garbage day?
Yes, just place the item out with your regular garbage. As long as there is a solid waste sticker on it, it will be picked up.

Can I call the contractor with any questions on bulk items?
Yes, our contractor is Groot Disposal. Call them at 1-800-35-GROOT.


No sticker is needed?
There is no need for a sticker to cover disposal of yard waste material.

Yard waste is defined as grass or shrubbery cuttings, leaves, tree limbs and other materials accumulated through lawn and garden care.

Yard waste must be in special 30-gallon biodegradable paper bags or refuse containers clearly marked with the words “Yard Waste”. Plastic bags are prohibited. Branches and tree limbs measuring no longer than 4-feet in length and 3-1/2 inches in diameter must be tied with biodegradable twine or string into bundles weighing no more than 35-pounds.

How can I dispose of yard waste?
Yard waste is a valuable resource when properly applied to landscaping and we recommend you use it on your property. If you prefer to dispose of it, you just place it in 30-gallon biodegradable paper bags. The weight of each bag must not exceed sixty (60) pounds. Plastic bags will not be accepted for yard waste collections.

What about brush?
Brush and tree trimming debris may be bundled with string. Bundles should be no longer than 4-feet in length and branches cannot exceed 3-1/2 inches in diameter and cannot weigh more than 35 pounds.

Each bundle of brush should be placed at the curb or in the alley on your regularly scheduled collection day.

What about large brush?
The Village Public Works Department will still continue to pick up large piles of brush on the first and third Monday of each month. Please call to schedule a pick up.

Where do I get paper bags?
Local stores stock 30-gallon paper bags designed for the collection of yard waste.