When Nature Calls


The Village offers our residents the opportunity to participate in a 50/50 tree program. They can purchase one of three types of trees to be planted on the parkway in front of their homes. The three types of trees offered are American Linden, Norway Maple, Sugar Maple. The village and residents split the cost of the tree and it is then planted by a professional nursery staff, hired by the Village at no cost to the residents. The tree planting will begin towards the end of November, weather permitting. If you have any questions please call the Public Works Department at 708-452-3945 for more information.

Tree trimming is available during the spring and summer months. This service is provided in public areas only. You can call the Public Works office to be placed on a list for this service.

If a resident wishes to have a tree removed from the parkway, please contact our Public Works office. All requests for tree removal are carefully reviewed by a horticulturist. Trees are only removed when they are considered not healthy and growing. The tree and stump removal are done at no charge to the resident.


In 1989, a Beautification Program was implemented in the Village of Elmwood Park. The idea behind the program was simple – to enhance the beauty of the Village. A variety of trees, bushes, radiant flowers and various landscaping projects have now blossomed in public areas all over Elmwood Park. The landscaping and care of these projects are tended to by our Horticultural staff.


All five parks in our town are maintained by the Public Works staff. The parks are inspected on an annual basis to ensure that all equipment is in operable condition. Any equipment in disrepair or any graffiti found on public property should be reported to our office for correction.