Senior Programs

The Village Senior’s Club meets on the first and third Mondays of each month, except for July and August.

We value the concerns of all of our seniors. There are many activities for seniors throughout the year.

For information on the senior activities contact, Tina Gordon at 708-452-7300.

Senior Advocate laura

Laura Bilben is our Senior Advocate here in the Village of Elmwood Park.

Laura is here for every senior that lives in the village that need helps with finding any information.

She will also connect them to health and senior resources as well as help them with local fitness options, volunteer opportunities, education, and other social activities.

The program is also available to family members of seniors and care givers.

Drop In Hours

Monday 9AM-3PM at the Village Hall

Phone Number: 708-359-0143 Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM


Senior Trips


Tina GordonSenior Citizen Supervisor

Tina Gordon
Senior Citizen Supervisor

Dial A Ride

Seniors Dial-A-Ride Bus Hours Expanded

Ridership continues to grow! For the second time since launching the service less than a year ago, Elmwood Park has again increased the hours of operation for its free Seniors Dial-A-Ride Bus Program! The door-to-door bus service is available to anyone 65 or older and residents with disabilities or special needs. Service Area boundaries are from Irving Park Road to Lake Street, and from Narragansett to 25th Avenue.

Schedule YOUR next trip, call 708-452-7300 at least 24-hours in advance.

Monday thru Friday: 7am to 5pm

Saturday: 8am to 2PM

Sunday: No Service

Please view the flyer below.

Senior Bus Flyer

Elmwood Park Senior Leaf Removal & Small Jobs Program

Elmwood Park Seniors can contact Tina Gordon at 708-452-3962 or708-261-1154 or the Village Hall at 708-452-7300 for the Grass Cutting Program.

When you call in we will give you names of Elmwood Park High Students who are interested in doing leaf removal. You can also request a list to be mailed to you.

You can also obtain a list from the Village Hall located at 2 Conti Parkway or at the Parks and Recreation Center located at 2 Conti Parkway.

Rates as follows:

$10.00 for any size lot

Elmwood Park Senior Snow Removal Program


Rates are as follows:

High school students

Starting Price for normal snowfall 3 inches or less

$10.00 includes sidewalks around the house and stairs.

Driveways and garages not included. Corner lots start at $15.00

Any additional work is negotiable.


Village of Elmwood Park

Winter Weather Assistance Programs

Program 1:  General Snow Removal Assistance Needed

(Snow removal program for seniors and residents with disabilities)

 High school and college students are needed to assist senior citizen or disabled residents of Elmwood Park to shovel snow during the winter season.  The pay rate for normal snowfall (3 inches or less) is $10.00, which includes sidewalks around the house and stairs. Driveways and garages not included.  Corner lots start at $15.00 and any additional work is negotiable.   In this program, students will be paid by the home owner once the work is completed.

Program 2: Elmwood Park Senior Snow Voucher Program

(Snow removal program for seniors and residents with disabilities)

This program provides assistance to Elmwood Park senior citizen and disabled residents in single family homes after a snow fall of 6 inches or more (Participants will be notified of Voucher Days through a public service phone call activated by the Village to residents).

This program is offered through the Village of Elmwood Park to Senior Citizens and managed by Tina Gordon, the Senior Coordinator.  We are looking for responsible high school and college students to offer their time and services to shovel after heavy amounts of snow falls.  If you are interested in participating, call Tina Gordon with your contact information.   The resident contacts the Students from the Eligibility List compiled by Tina Gordon.  The snow will be removed from the front steps and to clear a path from the home to the street.  Snow shoveling begins 12 to 24 hours following the end of the snowfall. Once snow removal is complete, the resident fills out a voucher and gives it to the student.  The student will then submit the voucher to Ms. Gordon.  The Village of Elmwood Park will issue payment at the end of the month by mail directly to the student.

Thank you for your assistance, we look forward to hearing from you!

For Snow Voucher information or Snow Dates Contact:

Tina Gordon, Senior Coordinator at or by phone

 at 708-261-1154 or 708-452-3962