Michael K. Durkin

Village Attorney

The Village Attorney attends all meetings of the President and Board of Trustees and will advise them or any Village Officer in all matters of law that the interests of the Village are involved.

When the President and Board of Trustees, or any committee requires him, he must furnish written opinions upon any subject submitted to him pertaining to the Village.Michael has served in the Village for 17 years. He started as being the Village’s prosecutor and to this day he serves as the Village Attorney.

Village Manager

Paul Volpe

Paul Volpe

The Village Manager serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village Government and is directly responsible to the Village President and Board of Trustees for the planning, organizing, and directing the activities of all Village operations.

Before serving as Village Manager, Volpe was Chief of Staff to Mayor Richard M. Daley. Prior to then he was the City’s Chief Financial Officer and Budget Director.

He also served eight years at the Chicago Department of Aviation and was the Chief of Operations at the Illinois Toll Highway Authority.

Paul Volpe was appointed Village Manager June of 2012.

Finance Director

John Lannefeld

The Finance Director is responsible for all areas of finance for the Village of Elmwood Park. This includes budget preparation and control, the preparations and publications of the annual Appropriation Ordinance, the annual Tax Levy, and the annual Treasurer’s Report. John has been a Village employee for 23 years.

He acquired the position of the Finance Director in August of 1997 and during his previous years at the Village, he was an employee of the Parks & Recreation Center. To this day, John still serves as the Finance Director.

Assistant to the Village President & Personnel Administrator

Rose Biancalana

Rose Biancalana

Assistant to the Village President/Personnel Administrator is responsible to provide management assistance for daily operations and to coordinate special projects as assigned by the

Village President as well as to coordinate and manage the daily schedule of the President.

The Assistant to the Village President also serves as the Personnel Administrator and has specific responsibilities for the Village’s human resource management and personnel issues.

Rose Biancalana has been a Village Employee for 23 years. She started as Assistant to the Village President right after President Peter N. Silvestri was sworn in to office in 1989.