Trustees Assignments

Elected Position

Alan Kaminski Deputy Village President


Appointed Positions

Gina Pesko Freedom of Information Officer


Appointed Liaisons

Jonathan Zivojnovic Library Board
Alan Kaminski O’Hare Noise Compatibility Comm.
Angela Stranges Board of Education, District 401
Angelo Lollino West Central Municipal Conference
Angela Stranges Keep Elmwood Park Beautiful Committee

Liaisons to Committees, Commissions and Boards

Jonathan Zivojnovic Plan, Zoning and Development Commission
Angelo Lollino Economic Development Commission
Anthony Del Santo Fire Pension Board
Jeffrey Sargent Police Pension Board
Jonathan Zivojnovic Senior Advisory Board
Jeffrey Sargent Youth Commission
Anthony Del Santo Safety Commission
Angela Stranges Arts and Special Events Commission and KEPB
Jeffrey Sargent Board of Fire and Police Commissioners


Committees of the Board

Public Works    
Angelo Lollino Chairman
Jonathan Zivojnovic
Alan Kaminski


Parks and Recreation
Jeff Sargent Chairman
Jonathan Zivojnovic
Angelo Lollino


Rules & Ordinance
Alan Kaminski Chairman
Angelo Lollino
Jonathan Zivojnovic


Finance, Budget Personnel
Alan Kaminski Chairman
Jeff Sargent
Angelo Lollino


Public Safety & Health
Jeff Sargent Chairman
Alan Kaminski
Anthony Del Santo