Village Vehicle Stickers

2014 Vehicle Stickers On-Sale Nov. 1, 2013Sticker Art Final

NEW!!! Online Payment Now Available for Sticker Renewals (Click Here)

Every vehicle owner is required to obtain a Village Vehicle Sticker and renew stickers on an annual basis not only for cars, but for any vehicle registered with the Illinois Secretary of State to an Elmwood Park address.

2014 Vehicle Stickers must be displayed by January 31st to avoid late fees and citations.

For questions regarding vehicle sticker “renewal” and/or first-time purchases, read information provided below, or stop-in or call Village Hall at (708) 452-7300.

2014 Vehicle Sticker Fee Schedule (If purchased on or before January 31, 2014)

Passenger Car

  • Sticker fee for residents under 65 years old $30.00
  • Sticker fee for Seniors (65 years old or older) $5.00
  • Sticker fee for Seniors (65 years old or older) $10.00 IF PURCHASED AFTER January 31st.

Motor Trucks

  • 8,000 lbs or less (LT) $45.00
  • 8,001 lbs or more (LT) $75.00

Motorcycle $15.00

Motor Bicycle #10.00

Recreational Vehicles $35.00

Camping Trailer/Travel Trailer any trailer weight $45.00

Antique Vehicles $5.00

 2014 Renewal Notices Have Been Mailed to Vehicle Owners

2013 Renewal Notices were mailed at the end of October to owners of vehicles that currently have 2013 stickers. (Return envelopes were provided for residents who wish to mail-in renewals.) Blank renewal forms are also available at Village Hall (11 Conti Parkway) Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, or between 9am and noon on Saturdays. Residents may also call Village Hall at 708-452-7300 if they did not receive their renewal forms to request one be mailed.

RENEW Online, Mail or Drop-Off at Village Hall

Residents are urged to renew before December 31, 2013 and can do so a number of ways, including can now renew ONLINE!

1) Online Payment: online payment is available (for RENEWAL purchases only) using the Village’s new, electronic Bill-Pay System. Online payments can be made once residents receive 2013 renewal forms. Click here to get started!

2) Mail Your Payment: residents can mail their renewal applications and payments using return envelopes provided with Renewal Notices mailed to all current sticker holders.

3) In-Person Renewal: if preferred, just stop-by village hall during regular business hours to drop off your vehicle sticker renewal in-person.

First Time Purchases Must Be Made at Village Hall

Stickers must be purchased and displayed as soon as possible after moving into the Village or after purchasing a new car/vehicle.If you are a new resident, or have a new vehicle, you must come to Village Hall and present your Vehicle Registration Form showing that your vehicle is registered to an Elmwood Park address. Online purchasing of vehicle stickers is NOT available to residents making first-time purchases; rather, it is only available to residents who renewing stickers for vehicles that currently have 2012 stickers.

Late Fees for Residents Under 65 Years Old

For residents under 65 years old late fees will be added to the cost of stickers purchased on February 1, 2014 or later beginning with $10.00 and increasing, incrementally, throughout the calendar year, with the maximum penalty of $50.00 if renewed at any time after July 15, 2014.

Sticker Fee for SENIORS (65 years or older) if Purchased/Renewed after Jan. 31, 2014

If purchased by January 31, 2014, Seniors (65 years or older) pay only $5.00 to purchase or renew vehicle stickers. Stickers purchased or renewed by Seniors on February 1, 2014 or later will be $10.00.

Duplicate Sticker Fee. The fee to obtain a duplicate sticker regardless of vehicle type or age of resident is $1.00.

Village Vehicle Sticker Rules. Copies of all vehicle sticker related rules (including how fees, citations and late charges are applied) are available from the Village upon request.