Village Officials

Angelo “Skip” Saviano Village President 708-452-3922
Gina Pesko Village Clerk 708-452-3911
Alan T. Kaminski Village Trustee 708-452-7300
Jeff Sargent Village Trustee 708-452-7300
Angela Stranges Village Trustee 708-452-7300
Jonathan Zivojnovic Village Trustee 708-452-7300
Anthony Del Santo Village Trustee 708-452-7300
Angelo Lollino Village Trustee 708-452-7300
Paul Volpe Village Manager 708-452-3914
Michael Durkin Village Attorney 708-452-7300

Department Heads

Frank Fagiano Chief of Police 708-452-3924
Kevin Miller Fire Chief 708-452-3933
Dino Braglia Dir. of Public Works/Water 708-452-3945
Alan Schmidt Dir. of Parks & Recreation 708-452-3935
Robert Bormann Dir. of Code Administration 708-452-3920
John Lannefeld Finance Director 708-452-3915
Michael Terzo Fire Inspector  708-452-3934

Important Contacts

If you have any ADA inquiries/complaints please contact our ADA coordinator:

Paul A. Volpe
11 Conti Parkway
Elmwood Park, IL 60707

Please send Foreclosure notices to:

Village of Elmwood Park
C/O Kim Parrilli
11 Conti Parkway
Elmwood Park, IL 60707