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Engineering currently underway

ELMWOOD PARK – The Village of Elmwood Park announced today that it is in line to receive $24 million for the long anticipated Grand Avenue underpass. The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has programed the funds for their 2023-2025 schedule.

 “This is an incredible step toward the actual construction of the underpass,” said Village President Angelo “Skip” Saviano. “The engineering work will be completed in the next two years and then this project will be shovel ready.”

 Saviano said that the $24 million from the ICC will make it easier to secure the remaining funds needed to build the grade separation. The underpass will require approximately $100 million in total construction funding.

While the railroad crossing at Grand Avenue is the natural focal point for the project, the impact will be felt throughout the region. That regional importance is why the Village of Elmwood Park has partnered with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways to study and separate rail, vehicle, and pedestrian traffic.

In February, the Village announced the launch of the Grand Gateway project. The project team will meet regularly with a Community Advisory Group (CAG) and will hold multiple public information meetings and public hearings. The CAG has met twice already.  The first public information meeting is being held in April. Public hearings are expected to continue through 2022.

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