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The Village has received some calls concerning the demolition of Guerin High School.  The Village of Elmwood Park has been in frequent communication with the Village of River Grove regarding this issue.  River Grove hired a professional to inspect the property  in early June and they did not find evidence of significant numbers of rodents.  The Village of River Grove will be taking stringent care to ensure that there is not a rodent issue throughout the demolition process. in the detailed process below.

Please contact the Village of Elmwood Park at  if you witness rodent activity  and we will work with River Grove to address these issues immediately.

Pest & Animal Control Plan: The site has been abandoned for several years and is in close proximity to existing single family and multifamily residential structures. As such the Village is concerned with the control of pest that may migrate from the site during the demolition process. The Pest & Animal Control Plan shall consist of the minimum of the following:

a. Proposed Materials and Equipment for Service: The Contractor shall provide current labels and Material Safety Data Sheets for all pesticides to be used, and brand names of pesticide application equipment, rodent bait boxes, insect and rodent trapping devices, pest monitoring devices, pest detection equipment, and any other pest control devices or equipment that may be used to provide service.

b. Proposed Methods for Monitoring and Detection: The Contractor shall describe methods and procedures to be used for identifying sites of pest harborage and access, and for making objective assessments of pest population levels throughout the term of the contract.

c. Service Schedule for Each Building or Site: The Contractor shall provide complete service schedules that include weekly or monthly frequency of Contractor visits, specific day(s) of the week of Contractor visits, and approximate duration of each visit.

d. Description of any structural or operational changes that would facilitate the Pest Control Effort: The Contractor shall describe site-specific solutions for observed sources of pest food, water, harborage, and access.

e. Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certificates or Licenses: The Contractor shall provide photocopies of State-issued Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certificates or Licenses for every Contractor employee who will be performing on-site service under this contract.

1. Rodent Control Methods:

a. Indoor Trapping: Generally, rodent control inside buildings shall be accomplished with trapping devices only. Trapping devices shall be checked on a schedule approved by the Village. The Contractor shall be responsible for disposing of all trapped rodents and all rodent carcasses in an appropriate manner.

b. Use of Rodenticides: In exceptional circumstances, when rodenticides are deemed essential for adequate rodent control inside buildings, the Contractor shall obtain approval of the Village prior to making any interior rodenticide treatment. All rodenticides, regardless of packaging, shall be placed either in locations not accessible to children, pets, wildlife, and domestic animals, or in EPA-approved tamper-resistant bait boxes. Generally, rodenticide application outside buildings shall emphasize the direct treatment of rodent burrows wherever feasible.

c. Use of Bait Boxes: All bait boxes shall be maintained in accordance with EPA regulations, with an emphasis on the safety of non-target organisms. The Contractor shall adhere to the following five points:

i. All bait boxes shall be placed out of the general view, in locations where they will not be disturbed by routine operations.

ii. The lids of all bait boxes shall be securely locked or fastened shut.

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