Please see the instructions below for the online payment system for Violations.

1.  Select “Use as Guest”.









2. Select Tickets from the left hand menu.










3. Select the ticket option from the Type drop down menu which is either Local Ordinance Tickets or Parking and Compliance Tickets. Then select the field that matches your selection such as; Ticket, Plate, VIN or Plan # and select search.




4. This will populate the ticket information to the screen allowing them to select and add the item to the payment cart. Please note that when a user selects the cart button they will have the option to add to the payment cart or doing a quick checkout. Adding to the payment cart allows a user to add additional tickets and pay all the items at once. A quick checkout takes the user directly to the payment option to immediately pay for the item selected.








5. If they select Add to Payment Cart they will need to select the dollar amount or the payment icon at the top right hand of the screen to access the payment cart to complete payment.



6. The payment cart will allow the end user to pay via credit card.

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