Code Administration

Robert Bormann
Director of Code Administration & Building Commissioner

Code Administration Basics

As a service to residents, our Village provides a full time Code Administration department that is responsible for all Building, Code & Property Maintenance issues. All inspectional services are coordinated through this department which includes plan reviews for new construction and all remodeling projects. Any phone calls regarding building or housing complaints are received through this office.

Our office staff makes a record of the complaint and assigns it to a specific inspector for resolution. This inspector investigates the complaint and reports his findings back to our office. Complaints can range from overgrown grass and weeds to illegal apartments. This department is also responsible for the licensing of contractors. The licensing of contractors assures residents that contractors doing work in the Village have a valid license, are properly insured and bonded when necessary.

For a full review of Elmwood Park’s zoning map:

Village of Elmwood Park Zoning Map


Most remodeling work requires a permit. Permits along with the subsequent inspections helps our department to insure homeowners that work is being done correctly, that the proper guidelines and codes are being followed, and that work is performed in a professional workmanlike manner. The majority of permits received are usually issued within a few days, however larger projects such as new construction and room addition permits usually require more planning and review time.

These larger projects also require independent reviews by the different trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling. Permit fees are based on the valuation of the job being performed. The minimum permit fee for the 1st $1,000.00 valuation for building permits is now $50.00 & $10.00 each additional $1,000.00. All permits including electric, plumbing & hvac have a minimum permit fee of $50.00.

Transfer Stamp Inspection

Along with inspecting construction work, the Code department also inspects every home in Elmwood Park that goes on the market for sale. This is a visual inspection that addresses basic Life-Safety issues and is performed prior to the transfer of ownership to a potential buyer.

This initial inspection must be scheduled prior to advertising and prior to “for sale” signs being placed on the property. A final inspection is performed three to five days before the closing date to take a final water reading if needed, and to make sure that any deficiencies have been corrected.

Flood Control Program

The Code Administration Department also administers the Flood Control Assistance Program to qualified residents. A grant of up to $1,500.00 may be obtained by completing the flood grant application and fulfilling the program requirements. An inspection of the homeowner’s property is initially made to check for any current flood control system. Upon approval of this inspection, the homeowner is required to submit two proposals from two separate licensed plumbers. Once the proper permits have been issued, and the new flood control system has been installed and inspected by our plumbing department, the grant is processed and the appropriate rebate is issued.

This Flood Grant Program has helped hundreds of residents in receiving financial assistance along with peace of mind from the flooding conditions that can occur over large areas of Cook County. Any inquiries on the above can be directed to the Code Administration by either visiting our office at Village Hall or calling: 708-452-3920.

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