Fire Department

The Elmwood Park Fire Department is a full-time public safety organization that boasts advanced fire suppression equipment, a full time Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief, 24 full-time fire fighters, and 6 full-time paramedics on staff prepared to treat any resident in need.  Elmwood Park is a member of Division 20 Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (M.A.B.A.S), and provides personnel and equipment in the event of specialized rescue, fire investigation, hazardous materials incidents, active threat response, and extra alarm fire/rescue incidents. 

The Village of Elmwood Park proudly earned an Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating of 3.  The ISO value rates how well your local fire department can protect your community and home on a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being the highest. 

A modern public education program is embraced that strives to provide information to the general public and change behavior to improve safety.  This is conducted using two main approaches: bringing education into the schools and taking it directly to the public. Bringing fire education into the schools reflects the long held belief that the way to produce lasting results in safety attitudes and behaviors is to reach young children, who will grow up to be safer adults. Going directly to the public with a variety of methods has the same basic goal: to increase knowledge and change behavior so that people are safer. Programs are delivered via community meetings and during visits with those residents that represent our higher risk communities.

Firefighters operate on a 24-hour work schedule.  Each shift consists of a Captain, at least one Lieutenant, and up to 6 firefighters, as well as 2 paramedics.  The department operates two stations at 7 Conti Parkway, and 7420 W. Fullerton.  All requests for emergency services are dispatched from the West Suburban Consolidated Dispatch Center (WSCDC).  All Telecommunicators are certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers with Priority Dispatch, Inc. and licensed through Loyola Medical Center with the Illinois Department of Public Health and have APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator I certification.

The Village operates an Enhanced 911 Emergency System, provides public CPR training, blood pressure testing and fire prevention programs for organizations of all ages and interests.  Firefighters proudly participate in a variety of fund raising efforts to support charities and promote lifesaving activities.  Please direct any questions or concerns to the Fire Department at their non-emergency phone number, 708 453-2600.

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