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Q: What if I live out of state or a significant distance or I travel often, and am unable to attend a seminar?

A: If you do not live in the State of Illinois you are required by Village Ordinance to appoint an in-state agent for your property. If you live a significant distance from Elmwood Park, it is recommended that you appoint an “agent” for your property. An agent does not necessarily mean you need to hire a property manager, you can simply ask a close friend or family member who is willing to help. The purpose of having an agent is so the Village and Police Department have a contact person in close proximity that can assist if there is an emergency on your property. In order to list someone as your agent you need to fill out another rental license form. Forms may be downloaded from our website at and click on the Crime Free Housing Tab.

Q: What is a Lease Addendum and how do I get one?

A: A Crime Free Lease Addendum is a form that you are required to add to your existing lease (similar to a lease rider). This form will be signed by your renter when they renew their lease. A copy of the lease addendum you will be using needs to be provided to the Crime Free Coordinator. The Village has sample lease addendums for you to view. You are welcome to adopt the sample addendum or you may have an attorney prepare one for you. Once you have completed your addendum, you should bring a copy to the seminar you are attending. Remember, only multi-family rental residential properties containing 6 or more dwelling units are required to have a lease addendum. *Note: You are required to use the addendum with all your future leases.

Q: What happens if I do not comply with the Crime Free Ordinance?

A: By not complying with the ordinance you may subject yourself to being cited by the Village. If a citation is issued you will be required to appear in court for an adjudication process and could be subject to fines. You will still be required after court to become compliant.

Q: If I have attended a seminar in another town, will I be required to attend Elmwood Park’s as well?

A: If you have attended a seminar in another town within the last year, you may be exempt from attending the Elmwood Park seminar with a few exceptions. You still must provide a copy of the lease addendum you will be using in Elmwood Park and provide the Crime Free Coordinator with a signed letter from the police department from the town where you attended the seminar.

Q: I already paid my license renewal fee and completed an inspection of my property. Do I still need to attend the seminar?

A: Yes, you are still required to attend the seminar and provide a copy of your Crime Free Lease Addendum before you can be issued your new rental license. Paying for the permit and completing the inspection does not exempt you from being compliant with the new ordinance.

Q: Am I able to bring my child to the seminar with me?

A: Children are not permitted at the seminar. Some of the material presented at the seminar is not appropriate for older children and younger children could create a distraction in class. The training room is not designed for small children and there are many areas of the room that could pose a hazard.

Q: Where are the seminars hosted and what time do they start?

A: The seminars are hosted at the Elmwood Park Public Safety Building, 7420 Fullerton Avenue. The seminars all begin at 9:00 in the morning and end at 1:00pm in the afternoon.

Q: What are the dates of the seminars?

A: Seminar dates vary throughout the month. The first two dates are Saturday, September 24 and Saturday, October 1, 2011. Future dates of the seminars will be posted on the Village of Elmwood Park’s website at, under the Crime Free Housing tab.

Q: Is Elmwood Park the only town participating in this program?

A: There are roughly 54 towns in the State of Illinois participating in the Crime Free Program and several have ordinances similar to Elmwood Park’s. Some of the local towns include: Palatine, Schaumburg, Mount Prospect, Elgin, Naperville, Wheeling, Oak Forest, Addison, Niles, Riverside, Westmont, Round Lake Beach, Addison, Rosemont, Carpentersville, DesPlaines, etc.

Q: I own more than one property in the village. How many seminars do I need to attend?

A: You (or your agent) need to attend only one seminar regardless of the number of rental units that you own or operate in the village. However, each unit must be licensed separately and have its own lease addendum.

Q: Does the ordinance require a criminal background check for rental applicants?

A: No. Thorough applicant screening is recommended and discussed in the seminar, however, the ordinance does not require criminal background screenings.

Q: How can the owner be held responsible for the actions of the tenant?

A: A rental property, regardless of size, is in fact a business operation. While the village has the power to declare certain businesses a nuisance it has the right and responsibility to do the same for troublesome rental properties. The ordinance is designed to provide education and tools to rental property owners that will assist them and empower them to reduce the chances of problems and be prepared quickly and effectively to deal with a problem tenant.

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