Public Works/Water

Dino Braglia
Director of Public Works

The Public Works Department is essential in maintaining and beautifying the public areas of a town. The daily operations of this department provide our residents and business owners with services that keep our environment sound and our homes, families and business districts safe and clean.

Under the direction of our Public Works Director, Dino Braglia, the twenty five member department performs the following tasks:

Street Maintenance

Street Sweepers/Chipping Trucks

Snow Removal

Street Striping

If you have any questions please call 708-452-3945

Water Department

The Elmwood Park Water Department is located at 7418 West Fullerton. The pump house is a twenty-four hour a day operation. Elmwood Park receives its water from the City of Chicago. It is then stored in our two million gallon reservoir. On a hot day the Water Department may pump out as much as four million gallons of water in a twenty-four hour period. There are four pumps that work together, but in different aspects in order to provide the town with the water it needs.The water reservoir is located under Fullerton Skate Park and is inspected on a regular basis.Liquid Engineering is a company specializing in potable water tank inspections and maintenance. This company comes out once a year for an inspection whereby they actually go into the tank with a special scuba suit which has a microphone and camera installed into the helmet. The data collected while in the tank is then sent to a truck where it is recorded. After reviewing all the data, if any maintenance is required, it is addressed at that time.The Water Department has a 350 kilowatt generator should the power fail during a storm.This is how it works. If there is a storm and the pump house loses power, the generator senses this and automatically starts up. It is diesel fueled and can run around the clock, being refueled while running if needed. The generator is on a regular maintenance schedule.The Hexagram system is state of the art and it is more accurate than a dial system. Hexagram will allow the Village to give better service to its residents in several ways. One of which is that we will not have to depend on outside source to read the meters. A simple example of how the system works is the new meter has no outside dial and has a MTU (,meter transmission unit/small gray box) attached to it.

This MTU acts similar to a cell phone but will never lose a call and the battery is good for twenty years. A data collection unit (DCU) collects all the water usage information for your home or business and is then forwarded to the Village Hall. Hexagram also reads in gallons.The Water Department takes water samples weekly, monthly and quarterly. These samples are collected at different sites throughout the town. The samples taken weekly are checked for bacteria and chlorine. Samples collected bi-weekly are checked for phosphates. Samples collected quarterly are checked for trihclomethanes and haleoactic acids.If a resident is doing remodeling or plumbing work and needs their water shut off outside, the Water Department will provide this service at no charge however a twenty-four hour notice is required unless it is an emergency. The Water Department is on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year should you need their assistance.As stated above, the Water Department operates and maintains the Village’s water reservoir pump station, sewer systems, and all fire hydrants and listed below are some additional services provided to the residents:

  • Potable drinking water is supplied to each home and business;
  • A waste line is supplied from the curb to the main sewer line;
  • Water meters are replaced;
  • Water samples are collected on a weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly basis.


  • The Water Department conducts regular inspections of all fire hydrants, including hydrant flushing;
  • All corner and side basins are cleaned with a vactor and repaired and/or replaced when needed;
  • Sewer line from the curb to the main sewer is repaired and replaced when needed;
  • Buffalo Box/round way (water valve in front of house) is replaced when needed.



Reasons For High Water Bill

If you have any questions, please contact the Water Department at 708-452-3945.

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